and consulting

Need a better idea? An expert’s opinion will sharpen your inventory and help you identify the right targets to have your platform evolve.

Enrich your short-term
and long-term roadmaps

– Assess pathways’ consistency across channels.

– Benchmark your platform against the competition or the market.

– Audit your services from an experience or brand perspective.

– Simplify and rationalize your platform.

– Fine-tune the ergonomy and quality of your touchpoints.

– Define and prioritize the future lifecycles of your services.

Our analytical multichannel assessment tools

Whatever sector you hail from our tools will help you see better.

– Multichannel journey audit

– Ergonomy audit

– Client experience audit

– Competitive benchmark

– Strategic recommandations

– Action plan & methodology

Sample problems

“In our digital ecosystem what sites are e-commerce ready?”

“How to streamline our mobile journey and specific uses?”

“Is our relationship with our clients consistent across touchpoints?”

“We wish to better understand our competitors’ strengths to better disrupt the sector”

“How to transform a client’s account into the foundation of our customer relationship management?”

“Shall the compass of our platform be tilting towards content, products or stores?”

“We need some guidelines for our expansion across various European marketplaces”