and studies

The world is constantly changing.

So is our way to interact and consume. Which is why client intelligence is mandatory to the development of services of quality.


Understanding uses and expectations.

– Direct your innovation efforts to your client’s real needs.

– Test often existing services and concepts.

– Identify workable alternative options quickly.

– Understand competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

– Observe your clients in real settings… and their real problems.

– Develop a culture based on empathy with experience KPIs.

– Explore current trends and understand emerging usage patterns.

Nurturing human-centered corporate cultures

We use mixed-methods (quantitative and qualitative) to help you zero-in on the most adapted solutions.

– Fieldwork

– Exploratory studies

– Concept testing

– Ergonomy testing

– Test and Learn methodologies

– Personas and user path simulations

– International user research

– Competitive benchmarking

Sample problems

“How do smartphones affects our clients’ pathways online and offline?”

“We would like to see how our clients adopt our new booking system before launching dev”

“How to restore trust upstream of our subscription funnel?”

“Our creative choices look beautiful. But are they on-target? Aren’t they a little too disruptive for our clients?”

“Our services are very competitive. Yet, they’re also a hard sell. How come?”

“We’ve built great digital services. However, salespersons don’t use them in our stores. Why not?”

“How can we have the voice of the customer heard in executive boardroom meetings?”