In-store digital labels

More than 1500 devices to revamp

Client : Orange France   –   Strat UX + AI + UI design + Guerilla testing

A strategic touchpoint

These screens represent the only one catalogue available in store.

A cross-canal experience

The screen has to be relevant during the customer’s journey.

The pricing policy is related to the customer status.

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7 inch, no swipe

A particular device with a resistive touchscreen, far from the current multitouch interactions. This fixed workstation placed far from the eyes was sometimes unusable due to a very harsh light coming from the ceiling.

An old resistive touchscreen with only 32Mo of memory

The new design

Default screen

Watch a sample (prototype)

7 iterations with an in-store guerilla user test

We conducted tests in one to one sessions with more than 80 users among 5 shops.

Paris Lyon Marseille

Tests in Paris, Lyon, and Marseille

Step by step we gathered the right insights to find the right balance between strategic issues and users’ capabilities in store.


Days spent in stores

Observations, interviews, and tests in situation to really understand the context.


Interviews with sellers

Interviews and tests for prototypes with different kind of employees.


Interviewed customers

Testing and learning to provide the right content on the right screen.