A prototype is worth 10 meetings. Iterative prototype test will help you save a lot of energy before launching costly operations.

Interface and interaction design for all kinds of screen

– Designing an ergonomic interface adapted to your business needs.

– Leveraging clients’ insights and brand experience to optimize your touchpoints.

– Visualizing pathways to better share with your teams ahead of production.

– Providing a truly unique client experience that reflects your identity.

– Formalizing design guidelines and a multiscreen UI kit to smoothen and accelerate development.

Concrete steps to give life to your project

B2B or B2C, services, media, apps, and e-commerce on all screens.

– High and low-fidelity wireframes

– Information architecture and rationalization of content

– Design and optimization of multiscreen journey

– Interaction design and natural interfaces

– Interactive prototype to demo or test (POC with datastream)

– Graphic design, responsive guidelines, UI kit

Problem samples

“Developing a mobile site dedicated to a catalogue containing several thousand products.”

“Designing a prototype for a large-scale A/B test.”

“Prototyping and testing in-store touchscreens to help our salesforce.”

“To better inform our decision-making we would like to see two prototypes of our mobile subscription service.”

All sites look alike. How can we design an original and effective purchase experience?”

“Rethinking people’s experience on our terminals and sketch new UI guidelines.”

“The study of our clients’ needs has persuaded us we needed to optimize our selfcare interface.“